Korphu Lhakhang was built by Terton Pema Lingpa during the early times of his life. The Lhakhang at present is supported by the Peling Trulku and the Gangtay Trulku. The Lhakhang is considered sacred mainly because it has the dress os the great saint Terton Pema Lingpa which he wore during the time of his death and apart from that we can also see the statue of Gure Tshengye which is believed to be constructed by Gure Rinpoche himself. One story has that the people of Korphu once hid the body of theGREAT SAINT Terton Pema Lingpa in a ridge which later got the name as the Kulung dra. Korpu Lhakhang Drup is also known as Peling Drubchen by the villagers of Korphu. It is a five day festival whereby the monks perform many dances of which Peling Nga Cham is considered one of the unique dances being performed only in Korphu. The other forms of Chams/ dances includes Peling Nga – ge and Garcham followed by Tercham – Naked Dance.

Start Date: 2018-12-22

End Date: 2018-12-22

Venue: Korphu Lhakhang, Nabji

Dzongkhag: Trongsa