Sprinting the Snowman trek in Bhutan at a record-breaking time of 15 days and nine-hours that typically takes 25 to 30 days, a team of four ultra-marathoners sets a record. This unbelievable feat has been adopted for a Hollywood documentary as the Snowman trek is considered as one of the toughest trail in the world.

The Snowman Trek is a Hollywood documentary revolving around the journey of four ultra-marathon runner Ben Clark, Anna Frost, Timothy Olsen and Chris Ord sprinting through the Snowman trail, with a mission to complete the trail in a record breaking time of 15 days. Unfortunately, Chris Ord had to be evacuated half the way after he suffered from high-altitude pulmonary edema, or HAPE, a life-threatening condition. The team of four was accompanied by a local guide Wangchuk, five cooks and two horseman course-plotting 21 horses.

Snowman trek is a 200-mile trail which starts from Paro and ends in Bumthang. Trekkers will have to battle six mountains that are over 7000 meters, nine mountain passes over 4500 meters and many other harsh uncertainties of the high altitudes.

Next month, the tale will play out on big screens in more than 400 theaters across America. The movie achieved broad distribution thanks to working with Blue Fox Entertainment, a somewhat unique model for the outdoors industry. The screening will be a ‘Special One-Night-Only Theatrical Event’  on May 17th 2019.

If you wish to watch “The Snowman Trek” at one of over 400 movie theaters on May 17 at 7 p.m. Get tickets online or at participating theater box offices.

Here is the official trailer of ‘The Snowman Trek’.

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